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My little niche in the Hawaiian Woodworking Area is expressed in the Curly Koa Urn in the picture to the left.

Hawaiian Koa Wood is such a beautiful and rare wood that I feel it has to be used in a way that touches your heart and soul.  Over Twenty-five years ago when my Mother left this earth I used a Jewelry box that I had made to bury her ashes in.  The Funeral Director asked me if I would make Koa Urns for them and this was the start of JWL Hawnkoa Products. 


I've learned much about the way the people of Hawaii feel about Koa Wood when it comes to the ashes of relatives and friends.  Peace, comfort and a distinct pride of being  Hawaiian or being Hawaiian at heart.  The Hawaiian Islands are the most cosmopolitan place on earth and almost half of the people of Hawaii are either part Hawaiian or can trace their family liniage in Hawaii back over a hundred years.  To be Hawaiian is to be something special.


When you feel like this about a place and a people you truly know the meaning of love.


James W Lovell Jr

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