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Hawaiian Koa Urns

Koa Pet Urns

Curly Koa Pet or Keepsake Urns 


Large Hawaiian Koa Urn

The large Koa Urn is  7" Wide by 5" Deep and 9" High 


Koa Keepsake Urn

These Curly Koa Keepsake Urns are 

3" x 2.5" x 3.25" and are made for the family that wants to devide the Ashes of a loved one amongst family members.  A lot of people want to scatter small portions of a loved ones ashes in places that he or she loved.  Family members in far off locations can also have a small portion of their loved one with them also.


Koa Companion Urn

This Urn is for the Loving couple to be together.  Many families get this size Urn when one of their parents passes and it is kept in the family home until the spouse passes also.  At that time they can be scattered together or intured together.

Medium Koa Urns


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